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What on earth is a Canadian designer doing in Paris, and why is she not pointing out all the obvious incredible facts about French life ?!! I would agree, wholeheartedly with that statement. I will get to all the good stuff, I am a Canadian after all. We like to point out of the positive. Which, I might add, is the polar opposite to a Frenchie. They like to point of the negative. They are the Kings and Queens of the negative world.

You know a true french person, when they describe something which is absolutely gorgeous as ” well, it isn’t bad “. If they say something is GREAT, they are NOT FRENCH. Ask to see their passport for proof of identity. They are an imposter.

As a designer, I am influenced every single day. Inspired, more like it. Travel, to me,  is as important as breakfast. Without it, I would feel dead in the mud. Well, at least a bored dead in the mud.

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