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If I could have an APPLE baby, I would. I admit it. J’adore la pomme.  Ohhh la la. Now, I am an iphone nutcase. Iphone therapy is just around the corner for me. I definitely have separation anxiety, if separated from it for lengthy periods of time. There. Confessed it. I know you all do it too, I am just hanging out my dirty laundry and confessing it.

My friends still laugh at me about my techie skills, from years gone by. I can still hear their words ringing in my ears….

LYNNE ! …seriously, are you going to take 10 minutes or 20 minutes to type a text on your phone ?! ” we are growing old, just watching you type “….”kick it up a notch” , ” can you finish typing that text in THIS century ?!”

I can still remember it…Hit those ABC buttons to spell out a text. I was exhausted by the time I wrote 6 words. No wonder I didn’t “text talk” to anyone. For crying out loud. It was torture.

Well now…..I think my body has been invaded by the iphone snatchers. I LOVE THAT PHONE. Ok, ok, I know, it is only a phone. Chillax. :-), this can work to your advantage. I have scoped out some seriously awesome apps….. AND…I will share with sugar bear. No way, you don’t have to always have an iphone, you can use a smart phone for a lot of my favorite apps. Although, that “smart phone” is probably not as smart as mine. I can say that, because I am a CANADIAN. I know where those Blackberry’s originated from. Whatev.

My brother ( the BLACKBERRY lover of the world) is about to kill me right now.I can feel it a bizmillion miles away, across the pond.  I bet he is reading this and trying to figure out ways to outsmart me as we speak. There are blackberry lovers and iphone lovers. Black and white. No grey area there. I get that. I am on that ,like white on rice. These apps will work for you too. Goofball blackberry users.


Wait for it, wait for it…drum roll…..


Kids, you can take pix, even if you are a lousy photographer, with no editing, and they still turn out really cool…..

Wanna see a few ?

Here you go :

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  1. jojo #

    App idea from Jim, although he doesn’t own a smart phone and I have a flip phone. The app would be like shazam but for birds. Say you are walking in the forest and hear a bird call, you can use the shazambird app and it will tell you the type of bird you are hearing. Maybe it exists already.

    June 29, 2011
  2. Ronnie #

    Betty, just one ?,.who wears a sweater to the beach?????
    besides old ladies……

    June 29, 2011

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