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If there was ever a place on earth that inspires me as a designer….this is it. North Island, Seychelles.

I have seen it from afar. Sat on a beautiful porch of our friends home in the Seychelles….stared off to the distance and admired the island. Oh, if I only had three wishes. :-)

I have contacts who have worked on the island, from construction to design to everything in between…and yet NO ONE WILL LET ME ON ! It would appear, you must be Angelina Jolie or Kate Middleton to have the privilege of setting foot on the beautiful white sands.

When I shop in Bali, I buy from the same suppliers that supplied the furniture and home decor in these photos. Oh so close, but so far away. Do you think, if I stopped by, they would say ” Welcome to our island Lynne, we have a chilled mojito waiting for you. Let us book you into our seaside massage with our most gorgeous massage therapist ” ?

Until then….I can keep dreaming. Yes, NORTH ISLAND. You are on my bucket list. Do I need to beg ? Because I will BEG, North Island. Pleazzzz pretty pleaz, with a cherry on top.

For those of you who would love some island inspiration…….check it out, and drool along with me as you flip through their gallery of photos. Pinch me, pinch me….

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  1. Neil Parsons #

    Great pix!!!

    July 10, 2011

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