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Last night, we had the absolute privilege of watching BLUE RODEO in concert in Paris. It was an incredibly small venue, which made it an over the top, once in a lifetime moment. There may have been 100 people in the room  ! We have lived in Paris for 18 months now, and I can say, hands down, it was the best night ever since we have lived here. It was so incredible to feel CANADA again.

Brett made his own home video of a few of the songs. He only had my phone to do the video ( ok, I could kick myself for not having my SONY camera/video) but Brett sure did a great job. I posted it today on my FB.I put it on FB since I am a newbie to this blog…so bear with me on my learning curve until I can learn how to upload a video. The great thing about the video is that it is the LOST TOGETHER song. It gave us the idea to use this song as our family/friend song to get through this new phase of chemo. MUSIC is such a fantastic way to get through things in life. Ever notice when you are going through something, certain songs seem to be tailor made to your life ? Love how that happens.

So as the night came to a close…..something so very cool happened….absolute icing on the cake…we were invited to go back stage and meet the band !!! Well, my friends, those band members are beautiful souls. Oh, oh oh, and….mmmm…..their drummer is one HAWT guy, up front and personal. He has the whole package with a beauty personality too. Jim Cuddy shared his potato chips with the kids !!! We talked about Paris and the french culture. We talked about how Paris may be a beautiful city , but the people are cold. Canadian cities outshine Paris, on personality, fooooo shuurrr. I would like to put a warm slant on that COLD word , but there isn’t one. I love our Canadian reputation.

We have travelled far and wide, and we truly feel so great that we, as CANADIANS , have a beautiful reputation for kindness and warmth. Yes, of course , there are butt heads out there, but you get what I am driving at. It is highly unlikely that a Canadian would hit you in the head with their purse. Yes, a little old bitty hit me on the head with her purse last week on the metro. LOL. Truth. Ok, I am off track here. Jim Cuddy and I didn’t talk about ALL THAT….but you get the drift. IT WAS FREAKING INCREDIBLE. Once in a lifetime, beautiful experience that we will forever have ingrained in our hearts.

The band members know our friend Brian Bryne , the former lead singer for I Mother Earth. So,somehow, we started a plan in place. We were thinking about doing a fundraiser in our barn with Brian and Blue Rodeo to raise some moola for the WM cancer foundation. It is just a seed of thought in our minds right now…but funny enough, Brett talked to the band manager last night, and she let him know what steps to take. He wrote the email this morning !

After all, Blue Rodeo is now, officially, his favourite band in the world.

Thank you Blue Rodeo for touching our lives. You rock !

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  1. Asa Udden #

    Michael and Lynne –
    First of all – what a great blog! Lynne you don´t know me – been working with Michael on coordinating his sessions for Dell in the Nordics.
    Told Michael in am mail last week, that the blog have given me some great laughs as well as some tears while reading your posts.

    On the subject music for the soul and walk through things in life – Find your ways to she is a great multilingual American singer. She sing in English as well as French so a good way to keep up the language.
    Went to her concert in Munich in April and will go again here in Stockholm in November…sneak out to the awesome tree-house (my kids want to move!!!) with a glass of wine, tune in Stacy, close the eyes and enjoy the lyrics. I even enjoy the French once even if I don´t understand a word..

    July 20, 2011
    • Asa , thank you !!! We will do that ~ FOR SURE !!! I love how music touches our lives and the lives of others. French music helped with my language learning ~ so maybe there is still hope for me yet. :-) I am so happy that you enjoy reading the blog….. Big love ~ sent right back atcha.
      Lynne and Michael and all the kiddies….

      July 21, 2011
  2. michael knowlton #

    I can’t tell you how inspiriing it was to watch this incredible group of professionals practice their trade. It’s been 27 years since Jim and Greg met in high school and formed the band – WOW! They make it look like it is early in their careers,with the energy and fun all the band members put into it. It was so much fun to go back stage, meet the band and connect. Just regular guys like the rest of us, each with a unique story, of which we gathered a few small nuggets.
    Thanks to our Canadian government for sponsoring the band for Canada Day in Paris. Maybe listen to a blue rodeo song today and catch some of the incredible energy and love we felt last night.
    Happy Canada day everyone!

    June 30, 2011

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