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Design life has always been a super busy life for me.  How does everyone else have time to brush their hair?!  Taking time to just stop and enjoy the quiet moments can be a challenge.  Please tell me that everyone has this time crunch challenge !

Relaxing images put my mind and heart at ease.  These relaxing images are the incredible creation of Andrew Grinton Photography.  The ‘said photographer’ Andrew ~ sweet guy, beautiful soul of a man~ yum, yum~  I am referring to, hopefully hasn’t told his wife about my blog yet. hahaaaaaa.  His photographer in crime, Andrew Cottingham
is top drawer as well.  Love the Andrew squared team.  They really took some great photos and I am forever grateful.  Love them.

The timber frame photo above does bring relaxing thoughts to mind, NOW.  I thought I was going to have a baby watching this timber frame come together…and AHHHH….NO… I wasn’t pregnant !  It was over the top nutty how it all connected together ~ beam by beam.  It was like a magical puzzle.  That is a great contractor for you.  Richard Pratt is his name and wood working is his game.  He rocks the wood world out loud.

This light above is hung at our poolside outdoor kitchen area.  I have a LOVE OF BUYING LIGHTS in Bali.  Some may call it a freak crazed love of lighting.  This light is only the tip of the very big lighting iceberg.  Every buying trip is different, but one thing is consistent….I find beautiful lights in Bali.  Hands down, guaranteed.

I created this Mermaid mosaic in the master bath shower.  I was inspired by the crazy hair of the lady on a Starbucks coffee label.  No kidding.  I do love how inspiration just strikes at the craziest times.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that I had a funky creative idea while jacked up on Starbucks coffee.

I posted this sign at the tree fort.  So far, no one is taking the hint.  I have had all kinds of HIPPIES coming in the front door of the tree fort.  Whaaat up ?!

Maybe I should take the welcome sign off the tree fort entrance ??!!  Jokes jokes….

 I may never enter my own home again. Just luvin’ livin’ in our tree fort.

Whoops, forgot to take the hook off that plant.  Haha…what can I say?  I must have taken the time to brush my hair that day instead.

The AB FAB element of having a tree fort….is that I can do design cheats…. Like A NAIL, instead of a proper lantern hook.  Way cooler for a tree fort.  In my humble opinion.  Does the trick, ‘non’ ?  In interior design, it is best to know the rules FIRST, and then break them later ~ at our interior designer discretion ~ haha

Because, after all, we are here to


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  1. You should try cute little bird houses dotted around – I have a penchant for them and have them all over a wall in my kitchen! yeah I know odd… bugs the hell out of my 2 cats ;)Oh and old fashioned bird cages look cool too – yeah, my cats hate me…

    August 16, 2011
  2. Where’s your Bali hat???

    August 8, 2011
  3. Beautiful compilation of wood products…amazing to see the many forms that natural wood can take!

    August 8, 2011

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