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BALI ~ My Treasure Island ~

Bali has grabbed a hold of my heart.  Oh the treasures….

I am getting super duper excited…just dreaming of the day that the container will arrive from Bali to Ontario.  This is the third container that I have helped to co-ordinate.  I have made purchases for a new store called KARISMA….soon to open, in Fergus, Ontario.  This kind of purchasing is the number one FAVOURITE part of my job.  No, it is not the paperwork.   If an excel spreadsheet had a face, I would punch it.  I love the design, the work,  the travel,  the buying….I DETEST the paperwork.  Gross.  Moments like this though, are awesome.  The anticipation of the container !  Over land and sea….woot woot !

I have about 5 biz million photos of Bali.  I can only begin to share a few with you.   Here we GO …..I am sharing with sugar bear…

  The people

The colours of life ( Yes, I bought this painting).  Holy smokes, who wouldn’t ?  So puuurty.

The gorgeous energy of so many talented Balinese.  I meet every single artist who makes the goods that I buy.  Best part ever.

The artistry.  Such attention to detail.

The ceremony.  Ok, these kids may not look tooooo happy about all that make up.  Truth is, the children are a happy bunch.  The Balinese love their families.  They have a warmth about them, that I truly admire.  Balinese people are so very~very kind.

The abundance of GORGEOUS lighting !  So simple.  So different.  Yes, these lights may also be used to hold a chicken !!! (minus the light bulb)

Finding things that make me laugh !  Uhm, yes, I BOUGHT THEM.  I LIKE TO LAUGH.  These were “work in progress”.  I liked them.  I feel like I am a work in progress.  I could relate.  These are what I would call….CONVERSATION PIECES...tee hee…

Art in wood…..over the top awesome….OK, OK, the next pic does not really look too glamorous.  Truth is though, that these tables are really GORGEOUS.  Deciding on which table to buy was like picking out a puppy.  No, I never ever want to leave one behind.  This is why Michael never lets me near a puppy litter either.

Moments of R & R (that almost NEVER HAPPENS) at my favourite hotel…My favourite place is Padma Resort in Legian, Bali~ BY THE WAY.  The photos from their website are just OK.  Don’t let that fool you.  I promise that the hotel rocks out loud.   P.S.  Don’t let this dragon scare you.

The incredible finds that I want to BUY MILLIONS of.  Yes, I control myself.  Kind of.  Uhm, not really.  This may not look fan-tab-u-lous to you, but they  make me drool…..

Yes, I know it is only a CHAIR ~ but ~ hello ~ they are YUMMY !!!

Curious about my pics ?  I take them all with my Sony DSC- HX1.  I am head over heels in love with that camera.  Nothing ‘high falutin’ about my photo skills.  I don’t even have a fancy dancy edit program.  Nuthin’.  It is as simple as pushing one button.  All automatic.  Awesome ZOOOOOOMMMMMmmm.  Best part is…I never had to read the manual.  Bliss.

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  1. Lynne,

    I just stumbled onto your blog (i’m a designer too) and saw your posts about Bali…my favorite place in the whole world. I love the people, the colors, the crafts…..When we were there last January we traveled to Trengenau so that I could watch the women weave double ikat cloths, and of course, buy one!

    Where is your store in Ontario? Do you have an online store? I always love to add to my treasures!!!


    January 23, 2012
    • Hi Randi
      So fantastic to hear that you love BALI too!! Isn’t it a magical place?! I don’t have a retail store here, or an online store….but I do have some Bali goods here, that I will be selling this summer at a fundraiser. You can see many of the treasures in this post… . I could sell some in advance to you, if you like *_*. You can reach me at Cheers!! Lynne xx

      January 26, 2012
  2. hi lyne
    i too am from ontario. came to bali 30 years ago and have been here since. nice to see your enthusiasm over the island. i am building a joglo at the moment on some land i have here and was searching the net for some inspiration when i bumped into your blog. wish i had your talent, interior design is not my strong point but doing my best….love the pics of the house you did, great job.

    January 22, 2012
    • Hi Barbara ! Wow, you are so lucky to live in Bali. There is some great inspirational ideas all over the island, isn’t there? I plan on posting more great pictures of some of the “finds” that I bought in Bali. I hope you get some inspiration from those too! Have a great day,and maybe some time we can meet in BALI !! I plan on returning to Bali in a few months. Cheers! Lynne

      January 22, 2012
  3. ridho' #

    Hi Lynne :)
    I’m from Indonesia. I’m very glad to read your post about Bali. I just want to say, thanks for visiting Bali. Actually, many Indonesian art and craft you can find in this country..
    I hope you’ll back to this beautiful island and travel around Indonesia :)
    Thanks a lot Miss Lynne :)

    November 24, 2011
    • So lovely that you wrote…all the way from Indonesia. I always tell my friends and family about Bali because I have ALWAYS LOVED EVERYTHING about the island, the people, and the beautiful artistry.
      Lynne :)

      November 24, 2011
      • ridho' #

        Have you been visit another vacation spot besides Bali? There’s many beautiful natural place here to spend your holiday. :)
        Emm.. Miss Lynne, have you know about best Indonesian craft art, it’s called ‘Batik’ ? You must have one. :)

        November 25, 2011
      • Yes Ridho, I have visited many places in Bali and surrounding islands. The ‘Batik’ is gorgeous. Do you have a shop? Do you create ‘Batik’ art? If so, we could meet some time on my next trip :)

        November 25, 2011
      • ridho' #

        I’m sorry Miss Lynne, I don’t.
        Actually, I’m not in Bali right now, I’m in Malang, East Java. I only know the Batik shop here, and some of them a creator..
        Sorry Miss Lynne.. :(

        November 26, 2011
  4. Oh boy, Bali continues to own my heart. Thanks for posting these photos, they are beautiful. A real reminder why I love Bali so much.

    *Tania @

    September 26, 2011
  5. Linda Cheung #

    I can hardly wait for the container either :o)

    August 24, 2011
  6. sandy #

    I love the colours….what an inspiration these photos.

    August 23, 2011

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