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I am a white cotton ~ white loving ~ natural fiber hussy

It is official.  I am an all cotton, white linens lovin’, funky outhouse crazed – hussy.  A natural fibers hussy is my new official title.  I think I will have it printed on my biz cards.  Jokes, Mom, jokes.  Join me-everyone- in my fight against nasty, uncomfortable, polyester sheets.  That P word is a bad word in my sleeping bliss.  Very bad word.   Never thought I would say (aka ADMIT) that I was such a sheet freak.

Would I give up my first-born child for nice quality sheets and pillowcases ???   Well, maybe not, but I would give the thought some pause.  I would contemplate it.  But only for a moment.  Shelby will be so happy to hear that.  The poor girl has suffered all these years when I say : “here- take my first-born child”.  Even.  Steven.  Fair trade.  Good thing Shelby has a sense of humour.   Shelbella, I LOVE YOU more than SHEETS.  Snicker snicker.  But I still love WHITE too.

Ever had those moments where you had a fantastic sleep in NICE SHEETS ? Top it with a goose down duvet and cotton duvet cover.  Want to put some icing on that cake ?  Sleep on a good feather or foam pillow.  Not those nasty ones, where the sharp feathers practically poke you in the ear.  The pillow where you feel like you are floating in heaven~ness.  Ok, ok, I am sure that is not a real word.   But I don’t care.  I am so excited to even think about this kind of sleeping world of bliss.  White noise, white sheets, white anything works for me.  This next picture is not technically white sheets, but I could break the rules and sleep on this one.

This next one is not even a bed…but it is white.  I could sleep here too…..

This is definitely another place where it is ok to break the white cotton sheet bedding rule.

So, would I give up other things for nice quality sleep ??….you betcha.  I have tossed every polyester sheet I have ever owned to the bin. Wait, there may be one or two …but they are about to meet their maker.   I have been slowly working my way in this direction.  I think I know how it happened.  It is called traveling.   It is called hotel living.  I fell in love with the soft crisp cotton sheets and duvet covers.   Don’t even get me going on hotel bedspreads.  I won’t shut up.  Those are nastiness.  Gross.  I paid my dues.  I spent a lot of travel days NEAR those bedspreads.  Yes, I was one of those people who chucked the bedspread across the room, so I wouldn’t have to even so much as look at them.  God forbid the bedspread would touch me.  Ewwwwhhhh.  I took a bullet for the team with sheet/blanket madness.  Learn from my experiences.  Don’t do it.

White hotel sheets is where it all began for me.  Love the white, crisp cool feel.  J’adore.  Then life in Europe, put me over the edge to WHITE WHITE WHITE in general.  I am nuts for white sheets, white towels, white walls, white candles, white on white, white linen….Ok, ok, I am sure you get it.  I have an unhealthy attachment to white.  All shades of white work for me, even creme a la creme white…call it what you want…it is monochromatic and it gets my mojo goin’.  I will splash colour everywhere else but leave me alone with my whites ~ and I am one happy gal.

My white took an out of control spin this month in the outhouse.  Yes, it is an outhouse, but hellooooo,  I like my spaces to feel warm and clean and fresh.  AND….(slightly screaming from a roof top) …..WHITE…..

Like my tree fort, I have a personal love of doing design work in funky places.  Like an outhouse.

 Yes, uhmm, even white candles

 Along with tree fort luvin’, I have outhouse luvin’ too.  Yes, I am aware that I sound crackers.  I love to be surrounded by beautiful comfortable spaces and things.  Even if it is an outhouse.

Easy breezy outhouse livin'

They don’t have to be pricey things, just comfortable.   For me, my comfort zone was ramped up when I made the outhouse interior- you guessed it-white washed.

And yes, you guessed it, I like to light a million candles in the outhouse too.  I even burn essential oils and use wood shavings for an oh so special sweet smelling place to be.  One has to think of these practicalities.  It is not all designer-ish around her.  Actually, my contractor came up with that one.  It is a well planned,  vented outhouse with running water for hand washing too :-)

Every sheet in my house is white.  Every single one is cotton.  Now, the natural fibre hussy-ville has started.  It is on the way to my decorative pillows , curtains and throws.  I am on a nut bar craze of linen too.  WEST ELM SHEER LINEN CURTAINS make me jump for joy.  Uhmm, yes, I jump for joy for linen.  Hopping all over the place.

This hopping Ballerina is at Repetto, Paris, France

Here is my version of the West Elm sheer curtains.  I chose the creamy white linen and used some twigs as a curtain rod.  Got creative with the rods.  Sweet looking rods are a pretty penny to buy.  So we went for a walk in the bush, nabbed some twigs and sprayed them white.  Shazam.  Like magic.  A rod.

I make exceptions to my natural fibers hussy rule.  But few.  Like, when I can’t replace the synthetic stuff because Michael (and the pocket-book) is looking.  Or, when something is just so very cool…and it is not natural.  That is ok to keep some those.  I have my design rules, but I am willing to break them.  Sometimes.

Ikea has these mossie style sheer curtains. I love those things.  They are so inexpensive, they are practically free.   I use those all over the place.  Yes, this is only an outhouse, but I stretch outside the outhouse zone and use these curtains in all kinds of funky places.

No hemming.  Cut them with scissors.  Ok, if you can find any.  In my house, finding scissors is like finding a needle in an out of control haystack.

Have an ugly window ? These curtains will make it pretty.  They hide ugly.  It is their specialty and they do it for next to nothing.  Throw in sprinkle of mini lights occasionally , and you will have a pinch of bliss.   I use the mini lights in the children’s bathroom, so they don’t bounce off walls finding their way in the middle of the night.

NOTE : You don’t have to give up the first-born child (really)  for gorgeous sheets, pillows and duvet covers.  Buy one set and wash them a million times.  They will just get better.   One pair of good sheets, duvet and cover with delish pillows is worth 20 pairs of crappy sets ~those crappies are the ones that sit in the back of everyone’s linen closet anyway.   No one is missing them.  I promise.  Liberate yourself and give them away….to someone you don’t like.  Jokes, Brianna.  I wanted you to have sheets for school.  I do like you.

I didn't give these ones away...they are WHITE :-)

If you don’t believe me and you are in the mood to learn a bit about the in’s and outs of sheets and thread count, between the sheets can give you the down low on thread count and cotton quality.  Even this old dog learned some new sheet tricks.  I am sure I have a lot more to learn, but this gal has to start somewhere.

Next best thing to owning such delish~ish~ness is to hang them on the laundry line.   Outside.  Yes.  This requires outside and a pinch of space. Ok, just the thought of sheets on the line makes me have a happy dance too.  If someone could bottle the smell of sheets fresh off the outdoor line…well… they would be GAZILLIONAIRES.  All the city dwellers can be happy too.  Everyone deserves sheet happiness.  Truth is, this is a view from the outhouse…..

I will have to grab the camera some day when the sheets are on the line~ instead of rolling around in them and breathing in the amazing outdoor-ness.  Haha.  Invented my own word again.  I need a LYNNE-ism dictionary.

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  1. Anonymous #


    Nice post. Hope all is well in Canada. We miss you here!


    August 30, 2011
  2. So nice! I can see why you loved Mykonos so much! Did you see all the “white” stores, where all they sold were white cotton clothes? Like walking into a little cloud :) LOVE LOVE LOVE your outhouse!

    August 29, 2011
  3. Anonymous #

    white…I know how you love it, so pure and clean…remember Ivory soap?

    August 27, 2011
  4. Tristan #

    Mammma you forgot to talk about how u only like wearing white socks cuz it makes your feet feel better hahaha xo

    August 27, 2011
    • That’s true ! Little white ankle style tennis socks. Delish.

      August 29, 2011

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