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IDEAL WORLD : Everyone should have an adult tree house

You know, I started to do some serious thinking

Uhhhumm, a rare moment indeedy : thinking YES, serious NO

I bet most writers plan their blog writing.

Well, not me. I am one of those “fly by the seat of your pants” kinda gals.

Yesterday was no exception.  Well, except I flew by the seat of my pants from the tree house.

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Up In the Tree House with a Friend

It seems, every single day….someone truly amazes me.

Have you had that happen ? The absolute kindness of a stranger.  Or a new friendship that happens almost instantly?  An authentic, down to earth friendship and support of a friend…whether they live next door, in another country, or in an all together different way of life.

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The CARTOONATIC app is where it’s at


with my handy dandy favourite app.

I have declared FRIDAY as app loving friday.  There you go, I have a habit of creating national holidays. Everyone, leave work, and go and download this funky app called CARTOONATIC.

 It’s friday, hopefully your absence will go by un~noticed…

if only for a quick moment.

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How to build a TREE HOUSE and then GET LAZY in it

It is a gorgeous~ gorgeous ~gorgeous day today.

So gorgeous, in fact, I am going to practice the art of getting lazy.  With a book.   And apple pie.

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Poppytalk: Covet Garden Online Magazine




Wowsers !!…..

Has anyone else fallen in love with this online decorating magazine ?!!! Where have I been all my life ?!  It was love at first sight !  Ok, truth be told it is a new on line mag and it is D-E-L-I-S-H.

Just wanted to give you the scoop FIRST !  I am hooked.

Have a look ………poppytalk: Covet Garden Online Magazine.

P.S. No one pays me to say this stuff (truth, truth), I just fell in love with it all on my own.

 True , authentic , real interior design.

Woot Woot !! It is Friday !!

To tell you the truth, Friday is not normally an all out exciting day for me.  I pretty much have something going on most days of the week.  Now don’t let that excite you into thinking that my life is an all out thriller of a day every day ~ like some crazed super hero.  When I say I have something going on…it can be something as exciting as laundry.  I am a real person.  Although, if you ask my kids…..I have been telling them I am superwoman for years, so don’t let the cat out of the bag.

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Iphone apps and chemo…. Who does that? We do.

A quick update for y’all….Michael is a chemotherapy marathoner.

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