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Woot Woot !! It is Friday !!

To tell you the truth, Friday is not normally an all out exciting day for me.  I pretty much have something going on most days of the week.  Now don’t let that excite you into thinking that my life is an all out thriller of a day every day ~ like some crazed super hero.  When I say I have something going on…it can be something as exciting as laundry.  I am a real person.  Although, if you ask my kids…..I have been telling them I am superwoman for years, so don’t let the cat out of the bag.

Normally, I don’t have “any moss growing on me”….I am movin’ and shakin’ and doing this and that.  UNTIL NOW, when I have the flu :-(

This friday is a special day for me though.

 It is the end of a long week of not feeling well.

~I flipped through some of my BALI travel pics today (from my last buying trip) just to cheer me up ~

and convince myself that I am healed from this flu ! Yuck

This is actually how I have been feeling….

yes….like moss is growing out of me…..stuck in mud….

 Like I want to say….oh…”don’t talk too loud”

*Even if someone is whispering*

And my goal each day of this week has been :

I feel like I have been drinking this :

P.S. Yes, this is how they sell their gasoline for motorcycles in Bali !!!  I have a sense of humour, I had to take a picture of those vodka bottles.

And boy oh boy, this fella looks jolly but he also looks green.  You should have seen the Balinese people look at me, when I bought this fella and said  “Can you keep the moss on him?!!” I like the moss !!  Please tell me I am not alone.  You like the moss too, don’t you ?  If not, lie to me.  I am too sick to hear anything else.

Feeling Green is not where it is at ~ unless you are a Jolly Buddha.

My goal today is to put my mind here instead :

I shot these photos from a Vila Ombak on Gili Island, Bali .

What a great reminder of being in a place of peace and quiet with good mojo.

I can pretend.  Even if that means I am pretending that my butt is sitting in these chairs:

So I can forget about feeling sick

And just chill and heal (we seem to be doing a lot of that around here)


So I can feel like this again :

Until then…everyone…be well, be happy, and have a safe and healthy weekend….

* Namaste *

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