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Great Inspirational Idea : Dreaming of Summer and Creating a Backyard Movie Theatre

What did it do again today ?

* S * N * O * W *

Not enough snow to make it pretty, just the icky grey looking kind of day.

So I dreamt of summer.

Pottery Barn created an outdoor movie screen


I thought I would share their inspirational idea

since I am already daydreaming ahead to summer !

A girl has to do, what a girl has to do….to get through the snowy blizzard days of winter.


This is how I want to design my life this summer :


Watching a favorite movie outdoors is a fun and special warm

weather activity for kids and parents alike

And all it takes are some simple materials

plus a little creativity

to transform your backyard into an outdoor theatre.

Setting Up Your Outdoor Screen

What you need:

2 thick, white queen–size ironed flat sheets
Top pole 1.5″ diameter x 10′ long
Bottom pole 3″ diameter x 10′ long
Rope — 2 different thicknesses

Step 1. Start with two queen–size ironed flat sheets. Sew them together with white thread so the long sides are joined creating a tube.

Step 2. Insert the 1.5–inch diameter pole and let the fabric hang down.

Step 3. Attach thicker rope to the ends of the top pole so that it can be attached to a tree.

Step 4. Once attached to a tree, slide the thicker pole through the tube created by the sewn sheets so that it creates a weight at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5. Attach thinner rope to the ends of the bottom pole.

Step 6. Insert two tent stakes directly beneath the bottom corners of the screen, tie the thinner rope to both of the tent stakes and pull taut. This will insure that the screen doesn’t sway in the wind.

Once your screen is set up, create a casual, comfortable seating arrangement using plush cushions covered in fade–proof fabrics and soft, moisture–resistant pillows.

Lanterns strung overhead and several groups of flameless candles set a laid–back mood, and a fun banner hung over the screen adds a celebratory feel.

I would personally hang my DIY GRAPEVINE BALLS.  Easy sneezy breezy to make.

A few simple drinks and snacks are all you need to complete your outdoor theatre.

I recently discovered a refreshing blog called

Rosewater and Thyme

Shelley has some fantastic recipes on her site too.

For creative twists on a movie–night classic, try Pottery Barn’s popcorn recipes. The popcorn recipes look absolutely divine.


To the Design Studio of POTTERY BARN  for this great idea.

~ Dreaming of Summer ~

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  1. Melissa #

    Love the outdoor movie theatre. Where did you find the plush cushions?

    January 8, 2012
    • Hi Melissa
      Those cushions are Pottery Barn cushions. Another favourite place to buy great cushions and accessories is West Elm ( same company as Pottery Barn) and I find their pricing even more reasonable. Of course, when I am in there, I find lots of other yumminess that I can’t resist…curtains, bed linens…yum ! Lynne :)

      January 9, 2012
      • Melissa #

        Thanks Lynne, I showed my husband the beautiful outdoor theatre he loved it. We went out and bought a movie projector an he is pumped on making the screen. Were the cushions on the ground or were they on a frame?

        January 9, 2012
  2. This i have seen everywhere and can not wait to do.. but first i need a backyard.. then I am all over this.

    November 21, 2011
    • Hi Hena ~ It is such a great backyard idea, but yes, you need a backyard :) Until then….it’s great inspiration ! Speaking of inspiration…..I went to your website and your photography is SPECTACULAR !

      November 22, 2011
  3. HIya Sam,
    I know what you mean…Ambience is everything :). Let’s have an outdoor movie next summer in my backyard – BUTTERED POPCORN and all !! Lynne xx

    November 20, 2011
  4. Sam #

    Oh my Lynne was a great idea! We went to an outdoor cinema thing this summer in Paris and it kinda sucked. It was a blown up screen with plastic chairs in a parking lot. I so much would have prefered lounging in the grass at your house!

    November 20, 2011

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