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This isn’t a real post.  You want a real blog post?   You will get one.  After the Christmas season ends.  When I am done lazing in my jammies.
For now, you are getting the Santa Claus version.  The fast one that bolts down a chimney and gets the job done.
Santa is a multi~ tasker.
We can all learn from that jolly fat man in the red suit.
This was also the the time of year ….

To lose a pinch of sleep.

Trying to get it all done.


Photo via Pinterest ~


We grow a few grey hairs {or 10 thousand}. I personally have no grey hair.  I totally have a ton of grey hair.

We are all like ducks.  Looking all graceful on the surface, but paddling like hell underneath.

So… ’tis the season to remind ourselves what we are thankful for.



 I sound all yoga-esque, don’t I?

Balancing my Yin with my Yang.


I can do that.

And so can you.

So we can all get our sleep back.

And end the Pajama Drama.


I think we can do that, by reminding ourselves what we are truly thankful for.  So….here it goes….






1.  When my pajama top AND bottoms match.


The world is aligned.

The stars are twinklin’.

The moon is smiling.

All the ducks are lined up in a row.

Photo via Pinterest

Pajama bliss.  No pajama drama.

 I’m weird like that. I am even thankful when both the TOP and the BOTTOM  of the p’jammies have emerged from the laundry bin and they are both clean AT THE SAME TIME.

Helloooo.  The best moment ever.


2.  I am thankful when I can see the BOTTOM of the laundry bin.

 I am not sure that I have ever seen the bottom of the laundry bin.



 Laundry is best described by a fellow blogger ….

One Mom Lightens Her Load – Of Laundry

My life is ruled by The Laundry.

The Laundry is bullshit. If I dare skip a day, it gathers in the darkened hamper and commits unspeakable acts. Dirty socks rub up against filthy shirts and they have nasty laundry sex and spawn little laundry babies. So that when I go to do the wash the next day, I stare at the piles and think, how did this happen? Didn’t I just wash that?


3.  I am thankful when my Bra and  ‘Underwear’ match.

 Like that is ever going to happen.

I was going to type the word ‘panties’ in there, but my childhood upbringing causes me to think that the word ‘panties’ is a word to describe thongs & the kind of underwear that you would only wear if you were a hussy.


Photo via Pinterest ~


4.  I am thankful for smoke alarms.

 I am particularly thankful when I cook and the smoke alarm does NOT go off.


5.  I am thankful for a clean car.

 It is a bonus to have a road trip, without spilled milk in the car.

Note: Do not travel with kids AND milk.  I can promise you that when that milk is spilled, and a couple of days go by…

Your car will smell like you killed someone and stuffed them in your trunk.



Photo via Pinterest ~


6.  I am thankful when I do not have dust balls in my house.

Ohhh, you know the kind.

Don’t you dare pretend that you don’t have them.  I will be all embarrassed that I am the only one.

~ Tumble weed ~

 Where in the hell errh ..{insert some polite word}…. do those things come from ?!

Check out this next photo.  I was sooo thankful when I realized that someone else could actually drum up the idea of turning tumbleweed into a chandelier.  I am not the only nut in town.  Brilliance. I could make millions.  I have tumbleweed like this rolling around in every nook and cranny of the house.

 I may very well be a tumble weed breeder.

 Uhhhum, that’s true.


7.   I am thankful I don’t know how to make a Gingerbread house.

 If I did, I would eat all the candy BEFORE it made it on to the house.

Then, I would throw up.


Photo via Pinterest ~ source unknown


8.  I am thankful for our number one, big fat important house rule.

We are a family of SIX.

Therefore Note : I live for date night.

 The kids know our numero uno family rule :

 ” Do not call Mom and Dad…. unless there is blood, fire or an emergency vehicle parked outside the living room window ” Period.


9.  I am thankful for DIY blogs.

 I love to read them.

Then…. I pretend that I am actually going to make the item that I read about on the DIY blog.

 I even BOOKMARK it.


  Accomplished task.

 Such a strong sense of accomplishment, non?!


I look at photos like this and think……YES…I  adore these and I will make these someday……


Photo via Pinterest ~


I lie.  


10.  I am thankful for interior neck labels on shirts that aren’t scratchy.

 Like the kind of scratch that forces you to want to rip your shirt off in public places with label hatred.  I become a shirt ninja, karate chopping the back of my shirt to grab at the label.  In fact, I am searching for scissors right now.  I am likely to have a hole in the back of my shirt at any moment.  I am convinced that soft label design on clothing is, in fact, rocket science.


11.  I am thankful that I am not in a shopping mall right now.

 I feel the urge to want to punch people.


12.  I am thankful when unexpected company arrives, and my house is actually clean.

* Like that ever happens *


 The added bonus is that when they arrive at our doorstep…..

I don’t have to stand there, arms crossed in front of my chest, pretending that I have my bra on.




I hope you had a Hairy Mistress.

Oops, I mean a Merry Christmas.

{ Freakin’ typo’s }


What are you thankful for this Christmas season?


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  1. Nicolas d'Allens (et Claude) #

    Hello Lynne,
    I am thankful for the good time I had … reading your post, this Monday morning, starting a new week at work, after family holidays.

    We spent 9 days in Jordan with the 3 children, walking in the desert up to Petra (see Picasa link below) …

    A lot of kisses to your “family of SIX” !
    Nicolas (et Claude)

    January 2, 2012
    • Good Morning Nicolas!!! Happy that I started your Monday morning off with a laugh. Your family holiday sounds so interesting!!! What a great opportunity. Next time, take me in your suitcase. Bisous, Lynne xx

      January 2, 2012
  2. chatsoonsandy #

    ah…when you mentioned you were searching for sizzors to cut you tag off…and maybe you would cut a hole in the top!!! know where you got that one from. But this year I outsmarted myself, and cut the tags off my brand new socks that I got from Sandy Clause…and cut a beautiful V hole on the front of the sock. Darn….I looked around and no one to blame…come home!!!

    December 31, 2011
  3. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who bookmarks, tags, and saves DIY projects thinking that I will eventually do them but in the back of my head knowing I won’t. Instant gratification to know there is others out there like me!

    December 29, 2011
    • Ohhh Erin, it feels so good to not be ALONE :) in our DIY instant gratification ! wooohooo to bookmarks ! Lynne xx

      December 30, 2011
  4. Lynn – Worse: Knowing how to make a gingerbread house. It is a victorian style with a wrap around porch. I first made it before Hubby and I were married in 1984. The kids have enjoyed it maybe 3 times since #1 son was born in ’91. So, not so many times has that house been made – but my memories are eventful enough that I WANTED to make it this year. I bought most of the candy….
    yep. no more candy. no gingerbread house.

    December 28, 2011
    • Linda! Teach me , teach me…teach me how to make a gingerbread house {without eating all the candy}. Happy Holidays ! Lynne xx

      December 28, 2011
  5. Enjoyed the post- gets me thinking about the year past and the one about to begin :)

    December 28, 2011
    • It’s a great time of year to reflect. I am with ya sista’. Happy Holidays :) Lynne xx

      December 28, 2011
  6. Dana #

    I am soo thankful for this err umm Non blog! That had me laughing all the way thru it and the fact that its time to end the work day! That was a nice break!

    December 27, 2011
    • Hahahaha Dana ~ Glad you liked my ‘non blog post’…it wasn’t even the real thing…and you still laughed all the way thru it ? :) haha! Happy HoHo Lynne xx

      December 28, 2011
      • Dana #

        What can I say I am easily amused! then again at 5:30 in the eve on the first day back in the office after being out 5! I can barely look at the computer today! Could have been a delirious laugh/cry because I am whooped! Either way I enjoy ya! Glad to have met ya in 2011 and continue to converse in 2012 and many more!
        Blessings to you and yours!

        December 28, 2011
  7. I’m thankful for the ‘Scottie’ hubs just poured me while I devoured your post. I can identify with 100% of it, especially, the ginormous dust bunnies and praying no one rings my doorbell when I have my jammies on.
    Happy Week Before New Year…. ‘CLINK’

    December 27, 2011
    • Hey Mo…sounds like a delish eve…with a ‘scottie’…well, I hope it was ‘evening’. Starting the day off with a scotch would be interesting…maybe we wouldn’t notice the dust bunnies if we started our day with scotch. hmm?! Lynne xx

      December 28, 2011
  8. Love the matching pj’s! I feel exactly the same way about that – also clean, matching socks. Why can’t my kids keep matching pairs of socks together? Honestly. Today I’m thankful to have been to the gym and now i shall relax in my new robe the entire day long and do whatever I want to – this might end up being absolutely nothing and I am OK with that!
    Love today’s post Lynne!!!

    December 27, 2011
    • Janet !!!! Merry HoHo season to you, my friend. I SERIOUSLY LOVE THE MATCHING CLEAN SOCKS TOO!!! :) ..and if I tried to join all our unmatched socks on to a laundry line…the line would reach from here to the North Pole. I gave up. I just go buy new ones :) Lynne xx

      December 28, 2011
  9. I’m thankful for your blog posts and keeping it real.
    I’m thankful that it’s raining on my day off and the only thing I have planned to do today is laundry. Fun day ahead!! ;)

    December 27, 2011
    • Hi Anita :)…now when you do your laundry you can think about the ” Dirty socks rub up against filthy shirts and they have nasty laundry sex and spawn little laundry babies ” haha…well, at least we can have a giggle in our heads while standing in the laundry room :-) Lynne xx

      December 28, 2011
  10. maddiesplace #

    Cute Lynne! Thanks for making me smile even right after my TV went out. :) How am I supposed to concentrate on writing now? Happy New Year! Really hope things work out for us.

    December 27, 2011
    • I hope your writing went well :)….Happy New Year to you too…and I wish all the absolute best to you in your big fat decisions this year….I believe that things will work out for you. Wear those big girl panties and all will be well. Lynne xx

      December 28, 2011

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