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How to cheat the True- HDR Photo App

All youngins’ cover your ears and eyes.

I am about to teach the ADULTS how to cheat…..

In a good way  *_*.

Have you ever found an APP and CHEATed with it?

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I Am A WHITE Paint Lovin’ TROLLOP- Just sayin’

I don’t know how it happened.

I became a WHITE paint and home decor trollop of sorts.

A definite trollop.

A lover of WHITE.

White madness.

WHITE everything.

A whirlwind of WHITE BLISS-FUL-NESS.

Our living room: driftwood Balinese lighting and twig curtain rods

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It’s a crazy thing.

Sometimes you need a hard helmet to make your way through it.

Other times, you think it is the cats meow.

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Visiting PARIS is like dating the HOT guy in High School

It is

la crème de la crème 


Photo by my awesome friend Norma at

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