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{Just in case you are stalking my ABOUT page}

First …let’s get down to business..

You can email me at

or tweet me @lynneknowlton on twitter.

K….now here comes the straight goods on me….

I like funny.

Funny is what makes my world go around.

I’m a Mom, an interior designer, a wife, a lover of life.

Well, and clearly I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it.

I’m a Canadian gal.  We have just lived in Paris, France for the past two years.

Back on Canadian soil now. 2 Hours North West of Toronto, Ontario.


 Even tho I am a city girl ~ I am now planted in the country~ on purpose ~ by choice

‘Cause this is my backyard

And I kinda like looking at trees.  And the smell of the air.

As a designer, I have worked on homes and corporate spaces in Canada, France, Seychelles and the United States.

{ that sentence sounded all serious}

…but truly…

I only do work that I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do.

 If it isn’t fun & enjoyable, I don’t do it.

I LURVE taking pix.   I have no idea where that ‘picture~taking love’ came from.  It just did.  Almost every photo in my blog is taken by yours truly.

 I think I just bragged.

I love my Sony camera.  It is a DSC-HX1 .  It is SIMPLE TO USE.

 Emphasis on that word ….SIMPLE.  Life is complicated enough.

 My Sony = No lens to change, fabulous 20x digital zoom. J’adore.  I don’t have a fancy dancy edit program.  I only edit on my Macbook Air.

I am an APPLE nut.   Not the healthy kind that keeps the doctor way.  The fun kind…Apple Products. I use a MacBook Air and an iPhone.  I get a kick out of discovering new apps and giving them a whirl.  If you have any app ideas for me, pleazzzz share.  I love hearing about new apps!

 I hate manuals.  I almost dislike them as much as voicemail.

Voicemail = Jail.

I put my energy where it matters ~ My family is my everything.

Note : I think that hot buttered popcorn is a perfectly acceptable dinner…and  my family eats a lot of it.

I lost my dear Dad to Cancer.  This was a game changer for me.  I was very close to my Dad.  He taught me how to fight a good fight with integrity, honesty, kindness and to have a big fat laugh along the way (believe it or not).  We learned to laugh in between the tears.

It is essential, in my heart, to be kind to everyone that I encounter.

My husband Michael has cancer.


His cancer only occurs ONE in a MILLION!

Rare or what?!

My goal in life is to kick cancer in the ass.

Michael is also a ‘one in a million’ guy. He is a world-class facilitator, sales guru and an all ’round good guy.

His job as a sales leader and facilitator at Ninety Five 5 ~  allowed us to travel the world over.  He is taking a break for a moment, to get through his chemotherapy.

 I adore TRAVEL. With every part of my being.


Well…that canvas of mine is filled with family, friends and kids…..

Just the way I like it.

Always smells good, and can smell anything from a mile away.

She giggles.

She is obsessed with her Hunter Rubber Boots, her iPhone and her Camera.

Likes a clean house

Is the first person to go to sleep at parties.

Only wears comfortable clothing.   She could be wearing a super gorgeous outfit, but will take it off if the tag is bothering her.  Or rip the tag out and make a big hole.  Then she wonders how that hole got there.

Looks on the bright side and can make a bad situation a positive one.  Like Cancer.

Our door is always open, and there is always room for one more at the dinner table.

Goes crazy if there is no milk in her coffee.

World traveler.

Loves SUPER HIT incense.  She thinks it makes our house smell like a spa.  I think it smells like home.

 She makes good muffins.


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  1. Anonymous #

    Lynne, Thx for sharing your beautifully wacky world view with everyone! All the best to you and may all your dreams come true!

    February 28, 2012
  2. You and Michael are blessed to have one another. Clearly your home is filled literally with abundant creativity. I love it! I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Michael today. He sounds GREAT! And……he’s still achieving great things, not to mention kickkkkking ass out of the big C. I feel fortunate to count him as my friend. I’m looking forward to meeting you one day Lynne. I know the pleasure will be all mine. So until then, I will just enjoy your blog and the occassional conversations with that awesome man you call your husband!


    February 22, 2012
  3. Dear Lynne Knowlton, I haven’t cleaned my kitchen because I’ve been reading (not stalking that makes it a bad thing) your ABOUT page… I’ve got lots to learn from you…I’ll too go crazy if there’s no carnation evaporated milk for my coffee and in the conundrum of fashion vs. comfort …I find a way to put together a comfortably fashionable outfit but comfort is the word…I know I’ll enjoy following your blog…read you soon, xoxo

    January 4, 2012

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