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The CARTOONATIC app is where it’s at


with my handy dandy favourite app.

I have declared FRIDAY as app loving friday.  There you go, I have a habit of creating national holidays. Everyone, leave work, and go and download this funky app called CARTOONATIC.

 It’s friday, hopefully your absence will go by un~noticed…

if only for a quick moment.

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Iphone apps and chemo…. Who does that? We do.

A quick update for y’all….Michael is a chemotherapy marathoner.

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I have discovered a new world and it is called Twitter.Someone should have biatch slapped me a long time ago for dissing it.

I was always under the impression that twitter was about writing to strangers and saying …I’m at the corner store eating ice cream.  Ok, bad choice of words, because I am often at the corner store eating ice cream.  Hello, I am not new.  Ice cream rocks.

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If I could have an APPLE baby, I would. I admit it. J’adore la pomme.  Ohhh la la. Now, I am an iphone nutcase. Iphone therapy is just around the corner for me. I definitely have separation anxiety, if separated from it for lengthy periods of time. There. Confessed it. I know you all do it too, I am just hanging out my dirty laundry and confessing it.

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