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Visiting PARIS is like dating the HOT guy in High School

It is

la crème de la crème 


Photo by my awesome friend Norma at

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With blogs and twitter.

A flat-out CRUSH.

 I am crushing on social media.

 Uhhm, and Paris.


{ More on that later}

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I have been thinking

WHOAHaaa NELLY, you are thinking ~ what is she up to now ?!!! ~

I have a beautiful challenge in life.

Designing the life I want to live.

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PARIS you are PUUURTY ~ I MISS YOUR MUG ~ but not “MY” FRENCH language skills

If I had a third leg, I would kick myself with it.

 I can not BELIEVE I have been back in Canada for three months now, and literally only written four words about Paris in the blog.

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The best Château eye candy I have ever seen….hands down.

I am feeling a pinch guilty, since it has been weeks since we have returned to Ontario from Paris, France.  The guilt isn’t overwhelming me, so don’t feel tooooo sorry for me.  I will be ok.  Better than that.  I am still grinnin’.

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Paris ~ Do you miss me ?

Hard to believe, you can plunk yourself in a city, even the city of lights, and then LEAVE.

As I look back now, I think, where on earth did the time go ? It feels like yesterday~ since I was making a total ass of myself trying to speak french. Not much changed in 18 months, I still made an ass of myself , but at least I could sound stupid in a pretty place .

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The Eiffel Tower.

Image via Wikipedia

Or should I say the Parisienne way ? As a designer, this city is EYE CANDY. I feel like my head is going to weeble wobble pop off, I am so excited to walk this city. Walk you must, by the way, if you want to live. Leave the driving to a Parisienne. They are aggressive. Make your moves fast, and furious, if you dare to hop in a car.

I keep asking myself how often do they paint the Eiffel tower ?! Or do they paint it? I need to Google that, but I have been too busy eating macaron’s to really take the time to figure out the paint questions in my mind. If it were up to me, I would definitely change it up a bit. Give it some funk. Like PINK. Why not live a little !?

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