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It’s a crazy thing.

Sometimes you need a hard helmet to make your way through it.

Other times, you think it is the cats meow.

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This is your life.

Do what you love, and do it often.

BELIEVE in yourself, and others will follow.

Live your dream and share your passion.

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Great Inspirational Idea : Dreaming of Summer and Creating a Backyard Movie Theatre

What did it do again today ?

* S * N * O * W *

Not enough snow to make it pretty, just the icky grey looking kind of day.

So I dreamt of summer.

Pottery Barn created an outdoor movie screen


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22 Adult Truths ~ On a Fun Friday

Ok, I have seen this one floating around the internet for a while now.

I NEVER EVER EVER NEVER…..Did I mention NEVER ?? ….send chain email letters, or jokes, or those things that you must send to 9 people or your wish won’t come true.  I have tested that theory.  My wishes only come true when I work hard or if I bribe a government official.  Jokes.  Sort of.

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I am a white cotton ~ white loving ~ natural fiber hussy

It is official.  I am an all cotton, white linens lovin’, funky outhouse crazed – hussy.  A natural fibers hussy is my new official title.  I think I will have it printed on my biz cards.  Jokes, Mom, jokes.  Join me-everyone- in my fight against nasty, uncomfortable, polyester sheets.  That P word is a bad word in my sleeping bliss.  Very bad word.   Never thought I would say (aka ADMIT) that I was such a sheet freak.

Would I give up my first-born child for nice quality sheets and pillowcases ???   Well, maybe not, but I would give the thought some pause.  I would contemplate it.  But only for a moment.  Shelby will be so happy to hear that.  The poor girl has suffered all these years when I say : “here- take my first-born child”.  Even.  Steven.  Fair trade.  Good thing Shelby has a sense of humour.   Shelbella, I LOVE YOU more than SHEETS.  Snicker snicker.  But I still love WHITE too.

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My brother is a pretty funny guy.  As we get older, he gets funnier.  He also isn’t any less shy than he ever was.  He has never been shy. Oh to have a shy brother. Dreamy.  He typically blurts out his random sentences at me~ ones that knock my socks off laughing.  He is the goofy looking one on the far right of this photo…

I will never confess that he usually makes sense with those random funny statements.  I will always go on, pretending he has lost his mind….AND….I will always go on …telling him that our parents found him on some church door step ~ in a basket.

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I have discovered a new world and it is called Twitter.Someone should have biatch slapped me a long time ago for dissing it.

I was always under the impression that twitter was about writing to strangers and saying …I’m at the corner store eating ice cream.  Ok, bad choice of words, because I am often at the corner store eating ice cream.  Hello, I am not new.  Ice cream rocks.

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STRESS IS A FUNNY THING ~ I’ve learned to have a laugh through it ~

I discovered this stress article today on a cancer talk list , and it was signed as anonymous.  If you know who wrote it, please let me know…I would be happy to credit the author.  So far, however, I have probably just broke some plagiarism law….  If I end up in jail, I will occupy myself with dreams of redesigning the cell and painting it a beautiful warm colour to soothe the mind and the senses.  Take your time to come and get me, paint is my friend.  I will have a good time, no worries.  I love colours from nature, gorgeous colours are everywhere.

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Last night, we had the absolute privilege of watching BLUE RODEO in concert in Paris. It was an incredibly small venue, which made it an over the top, once in a lifetime moment. There may have been 100 people in the room  ! We have lived in Paris for 18 months now, and I can say, hands down, it was the best night ever since we have lived here. It was so incredible to feel CANADA again.

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