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Visiting PARIS is like dating the HOT guy in High School

It is

la crème de la crème 


Photo by my awesome friend Norma at

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With blogs and twitter.

A flat-out CRUSH.

 I am crushing on social media.

 Uhhm, and Paris.


{ More on that later}

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PARIS you are PUUURTY ~ I MISS YOUR MUG ~ but not “MY” FRENCH language skills

If I had a third leg, I would kick myself with it.

 I can not BELIEVE I have been back in Canada for three months now, and literally only written four words about Paris in the blog.

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Florida Ocean Life Goes Balinese

This is a home in Jacksonville Florida that I worked on for a good friend of mine. I had the pleasure of also living in this house, when we lived in Florida for 3 years over the winter seasons. It wasn’t always a pleasure, it had some bumps in the road for sure. But we made some pretty great lemonade out of the lemons. This was still a work in progress, in this photo, but we were getting close to completion…..

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