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I am an Interior Designer.

I draw a great deal of inspiration from my travels.

 I truly believe travel has shaped the designer that I am today.

I recently wrote a Guest Blog Post for Kelly over at Modern Earth Design.

Thought I would share my door photography and snippets of my guest blog post with you….

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I Was BORN In a BARN at Christmas

Ok, I made that part up.  If you asked my parents, they would have told you that my dinner manners qualified me for living in a barn status.

 So, technically, I could have been born in a barn.

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Would You Believe Me If I Told You….

That I have a Christmas House Tour


And I have not put up ONE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT.

 That’s right.  Not one.


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A Unique Outdoor Landscape- A pool built in an old Stone Barn Foundation.

I am a designer.

Nothing boring ever happens.  Ever.

Well, one exception: Excel spread sheets.  B*O*R*I*N*G

However, in design, so many things are EXCITING !!!

I like to jump outside the box a little.


Our pool

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How to create stunning outdoor lighting with grapevine

Do you love these as much as I do?  Clearly, not only am I a white cotton sheet hussy, I am a grapevine lighting trollop too.  Are you a floozy just like me?

Photography by Andrew Grinton Photography

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IDEAL WORLD : Everyone should have an adult tree house

You know, I started to do some serious thinking

Uhhhumm, a rare moment indeedy : thinking YES, serious NO

I bet most writers plan their blog writing.

Well, not me. I am one of those “fly by the seat of your pants” kinda gals.

Yesterday was no exception.  Well, except I flew by the seat of my pants from the tree house.

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Up In the Tree House with a Friend

It seems, every single day….someone truly amazes me.

Have you had that happen ? The absolute kindness of a stranger.  Or a new friendship that happens almost instantly?  An authentic, down to earth friendship and support of a friend…whether they live next door, in another country, or in an all together different way of life.

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The CARTOONATIC app is where it’s at


with my handy dandy favourite app.

I have declared FRIDAY as app loving friday.  There you go, I have a habit of creating national holidays. Everyone, leave work, and go and download this funky app called CARTOONATIC.

 It’s friday, hopefully your absence will go by un~noticed…

if only for a quick moment.

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I am a white cotton ~ white loving ~ natural fiber hussy

It is official.  I am an all cotton, white linens lovin’, funky outhouse crazed – hussy.  A natural fibers hussy is my new official title.  I think I will have it printed on my biz cards.  Jokes, Mom, jokes.  Join me-everyone- in my fight against nasty, uncomfortable, polyester sheets.  That P word is a bad word in my sleeping bliss.  Very bad word.   Never thought I would say (aka ADMIT) that I was such a sheet freak.

Would I give up my first-born child for nice quality sheets and pillowcases ???   Well, maybe not, but I would give the thought some pause.  I would contemplate it.  But only for a moment.  Shelby will be so happy to hear that.  The poor girl has suffered all these years when I say : “here- take my first-born child”.  Even.  Steven.  Fair trade.  Good thing Shelby has a sense of humour.   Shelbella, I LOVE YOU more than SHEETS.  Snicker snicker.  But I still love WHITE too.

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Design life has always been a super busy life for me.  How does everyone else have time to brush their hair?!  Taking time to just stop and enjoy the quiet moments can be a challenge.  Please tell me that everyone has this time crunch challenge !

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