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See this?!!!….

This is the journey of blogging

Well, ok , technically it IS my driveway :)…

but it is there as a reminder of the journey of life,

the road of blogging,

and the sharing of this journey together.

Well it is also there so I can drive down it and escape the smoke alarm that is always sometimes going off when I cook.

See this ??!

This is the

Happy Dance !!!

I am thrilled that you chose to come and goof off on the internet take the time to read my blog.


And here comes the real moment of truth

Drum Roll Please

When you SUBSCRIBE to my blog I actually do an all out triple flip.

* I lie *

But I do the happy dance.

All over the place.

 Like the kind of embarrassing dance that you hope and pray that no one EVER catches you doing.


Subscribing to my blog, in my eyes, IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF FLATTERY.

So is a trip around the world.  I would be so flattered if you sent me on a trip around the world.

SUBSCRIBE = email updates on new blog posts straight to your email inbox.

 That’s it.  That’s all.

I promise to not share your info with others.  I am cool with sharing my dirty laundry, but not yours :-).

~   OH, and I must confess  ~


For me, my life is about making an effort to COLOUR MY THOUGHTS, WITH ONLY THE BRIGHTEST HUES.

 Sounds corny, I know, I know….but finding the FUNNY is the best way for me to get through the nuttiness.


If it isn’t fun, I don’t do it.



 “Lynne’s energy is inspiring, entertaining and many times leaves you laughing out loud. Never a dull read!”  Norma Thiessen – Creator of  

From my Bloggy Friend Janet at House Four :

Lynne Knowlton: Fun and inspiring with beautiful photos of her amazing travels and design projects, this is a must-visit blog. I laugh right along with Lynne and share her outlook on so many things. She’s a super-supportive bloggy friend and an inspiration to anyone on how to live with difficult circumstances with grace and humour.



May we all get into all kinds of trouble.

 I have a habit of doing that AND it usually involves getting someone else into


 No point in being bored.   That would just be boring.

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  1. Hi Lynn, I checked out your blog, great and I’ll be back. Thanks for the comment on Venice,a spectacular place( I will be blogging about it in real life) BTW, enjoy my fave city of light, it is always fun for me. I’d like to live there for awhile,really! My best, and enjoy the ride as the surf dudes out here say….

    January 17, 2012

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