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BALI ~ YOU MAKE ME FREAK OUT WITH EXCITEMENT ~ furniture, lighting, carvings = bliss

Could you ever imagine yourself living on a warm tropical island?

I can.

Wait, let me think about it for a minute.

Twist my rubber arm

Thinking….Thinking….comptemplating for one more moment


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Woot Woot !! It is Friday !!

To tell you the truth, Friday is not normally an all out exciting day for me.  I pretty much have something going on most days of the week.  Now don’t let that excite you into thinking that my life is an all out thriller of a day every day ~ like some crazed super hero.  When I say I have something going on…it can be something as exciting as laundry.  I am a real person.  Although, if you ask my kids…..I have been telling them I am superwoman for years, so don’t let the cat out of the bag.

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BALI ~ My Treasure Island ~

Bali has grabbed a hold of my heart.  Oh the treasures….

I am getting super duper excited…just dreaming of the day that the container will arrive from Bali to Ontario.  This is the third container that I have helped to co-ordinate.  I have made purchases for a new store called KARISMA….soon to open, in Fergus, Ontario.  This kind of purchasing is the number one FAVOURITE part of my job.  No, it is not the paperwork.   If an excel spreadsheet had a face, I would punch it.  I love the design, the work,  the travel,  the buying….I DETEST the paperwork.  Gross.  Moments like this though, are awesome.  The anticipation of the container !  Over land and sea….woot woot !

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As many of you have figured out by now, NORTH ISLAND Seychelles is one of my design inspiration locations. It was also the honeymoon location for Prince William and Kate ! This incredible island destination, is a designer heaven. It inspires me and helps me to keep my eye on the prize. I just look at these pictures, and it makes me want to hop on a plane and shop in Bali to recreate this vision-warmth-feel. Almost every item in these photos is from Bali. The attention to detail is remarkable. We all need, and are encouraged my inspirational projects. This one is mine ~ my inspiration ~

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Florida Ocean Life Goes Balinese

This is a home in Jacksonville Florida that I worked on for a good friend of mine. I had the pleasure of also living in this house, when we lived in Florida for 3 years over the winter seasons. It wasn’t always a pleasure, it had some bumps in the road for sure. But we made some pretty great lemonade out of the lemons. This was still a work in progress, in this photo, but we were getting close to completion…..

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