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DEAR CANCER ~ You Can Kiss MY Ass

Dear Cancer,

You can kiss my ass.  Yup. Said it.  ASS.  We have met before.  Too many times, in fact.  We were introduced through family, through friends, acquaintances and even strangers.  I am writing to you today, as I have done before.  Remember when I told you to KISS MY BUTT ? Errrh, well now I am swearing, and saying ASS.  I am feeling a bit more bold.  Take that, Cancer….  And kiss it.  Stick it where the sun don’t shine.

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CANCER ~ This designer is going to outshine you with light and love. So…take that !

Goodness gracious, could I be any slower on posting about Michael ?! Sorry boys and girls.  Our move from Gay Pareee to home sweet home  has kept us on our toes.

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I have two words for CANCER….and they are not LET’S DANCE. Ok, I will keep my potty mouth to myself (sort of) and you can use your imagination.I am all about encouraging imagination, so this is your moment to shine and use your vivid imagination. Oh, and vivid it should be. Put your mind in a place, where you can take a good look at cancer, and then WHOLLOP it in the head. Yup, come out of nowhere. Just when it is caught off guard, and not looking, smack it upside the head. Take this moment in, it is not often that I encourage a fist fight. This feels like parenting. My normal banter :”Ok kids, use your words, not your hands.”Well, that theory is going out the door. We all just need to grab a hold of that thing called Cancer, and give it a swift kick to no~where~ville.

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Cancer ~ Don’t even think of Parking here

On our final day in Paris, as we prepare to head back to Toronto tomorrow…..I remind myself of this INCREDIBLE WILD ADVENTURE RIDE …that we have been on for the past two years. It will also be a hectic time, one filled with a container load of furniture, and the logistics of moving back across the pond. I like to choose to do only FUN stuff, so I am not blogging about logistical *yawn* boring stuff….but rather of the excitement this new road is taking us on.

As many of you know by now, Michael has been quite sick with symptoms of his cancer. He was diagnosed 4 years ago, had symptoms then too, but for some unknown reason, those symptoms decided to go into full swing. Michael LOVES his work, truly loves it, so it has been a balance of trying to do the work that he loves and protect his immune system as well.

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Blog what you are passionate about

Ok, I’ll do that. I blogged for a few years. I even managed, through some miraculous discovery, to attach our old family blog to this one. I was hit with a techno stick. Right square between the eyes ~ and bamm ~ the blog was back.  It was a TAHHHHH DAHHHHH moment. There, found it, attached it. One of those things that you think about for about a million years, and then it takes 10 seconds to do it. You know the kind. If I had a third leg, I would kick myself for taking so long to do that one.

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