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Ok, I cheated yesterday.

Flat out cheated.

I wrote a blog post with 5 lines.

I can still hear Michael…

‘Whaaat?!!!  That’s not a real blog post…but it was FUNNY….I’ll give ya that’

Gotta admit, it was kinda fun being a blog cheater.

Being all short and to the point.

Wait !!!…does this make me a BLOG HUSSY ???!!!

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Iphone apps and chemo…. Who does that? We do.

A quick update for y’all….Michael is a chemotherapy marathoner.

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If I could have an APPLE baby, I would. I admit it. J’adore la pomme.  Ohhh la la. Now, I am an iphone nutcase. Iphone therapy is just around the corner for me. I definitely have separation anxiety, if separated from it for lengthy periods of time. There. Confessed it. I know you all do it too, I am just hanging out my dirty laundry and confessing it.

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