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A Unique Outdoor Landscape- A pool built in an old Stone Barn Foundation.

I am a designer.

Nothing boring ever happens.  Ever.

Well, one exception: Excel spread sheets.  B*O*R*I*N*G

However, in design, so many things are EXCITING !!!

I like to jump outside the box a little.


Our pool

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Home Sweet Home

Well, the time has come. We will make our journey onward and upward to HOME SWEET HOME ~ Canada. Someone better hide the maple syrup, s’mores, crispy crunch chocolate bars, homemade pie, crispy bacon, and ketchup potato chips. Now, as I think about weaning myself off of the french croissants, cafe creme, french red wine and baguettes….I start to think of food again. Why don’t I dream of green apples and grapefruit ? Why can’t I dream in a fat free version ?

So, as a home sweet home refresher, I thought I would post some pics to get myself all jazzed about feeling like a Canuck again…..

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